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Professional Piano Entertainment for your event from Simon Jordan, the UK's most versatile pianist

Have you thought about the music for your day?

Simon Jordan - The Most Versatile Pianist in the UK

Wedding Pianist Simon Jordan is a highly acclaimed musician who can any tune and is available to hire for your day.

Your wedding should reflect your musical tastes... not anyone else's!

Simon Jordan is a full-time professional pianist covering weddings and events all over England and Wales. He has more than thirty years experience playing professionally and currently plays at around a hundred and fifty weddings and events every year.

Hello, I am Simon and I'm a pianist

A pianist unlike any other

Simon Jordan, an award-winning pianist, was one of the youngest-ever winners of the Royal Academy of Music prize. Simon has performed solo piano concertos on tour around Europe as a soloist and played for royalty, the prime minister at Chequers and for visiting ambassadors, as well as for weddings and business events across the UK.

Unlike other pianists offering their services, you can choose every tune this musician plays. Simon travels with two iPads full of sheet music and also takes on-the-spot requests thanks to his partnership with two major music libraries.

What Can Pianist Simon Jordan Bring To My Wedding?

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At Your Ceremony

As guests arrive, the wedding pianist's music subtly establishes the magical tone of the day. The bride’s entrance, beautifully underscored with some music she has picked out herself. The wedding pianist can entertain the guests or provide a gentle musical background, if you prefer As the wedding party and guests depart, this can be anything from classical to crowd-pleaser.

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At Your Drinks Reception

While you are away being photographed, the pianist can entertain your guests with a mixture of music of your choosing - and take requests from them on the spur of the moment.

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At Your Meal

As the wedding party and their guests sit down to eat, the wedding pianist entertains you with some soft background music, not stifling conversation but still significant enough to entertain. Feel free to tell the pianist what to play – on the spur of the moment if necessary!

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Simon wowed us – at the wedding with his mesmerising performance, and during the planning, with his meticulous attention to detail. You couldn’t meet a friendlier, more musical or more organised performer.”

Simon Jordan -

  • You Can Pick The Music I Play

Simon has worked for BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 3. He can play hundreds of pieces of music, from Beyonce to Bach to Bollywood. He has perfect pitch and can play almost any tune by ear

  • Free Consultation – Hear Me Play Before The Day

Hook up with Simon on Skype or FaceTime at any point before your big day to hear your ceremony music being performed – and prepare for the right music and lifelong memories when you walk down the aisle.

The service involves Simon playing your choices of music so that you can hear how they sound on the piano in advance of your wedding day.

Consultations are free of charge.

  • A True Wedding Professional

Simon has played for hundreds of weddings, and knows when to play – and when to shut up…

  • Full liaison with the venue staff

Simon treats every wedding as if it were his own – liaising weeks in advance with venue staff, arriving early with time to spare, and not leaving anything to chance

  • Yamaha artist

Simon travels with three Roland stage pianos, and full PA and lighting set up should you need it

London pianist

Why a Wedding Pianist is a Must!

As your guests settle into their seats

Simon’s music subtly sets an elegant and distinguished tone for the day.

The Bride’s Entrance

The bride enters the ceremony room, beautifully accompanied by with some music she has picked out herself. It finishes at exactly the right moment.

This should be the first thing you think about when choosing your music.

It’s the first thing your guests will remember, and is the first thing you will hear on all the videos.

And it’s the track that will set the tone for the whole day.

Here are some of the most requested tracks to be played by pianist Simon Jordan in the last year:

  1. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  2. Canon – Pachelbel
  3. River Flows in You – Yiruma
  4. Here Comes the Bride
  5. Here Comes the Sun
  6. One Day Like This – Elbow
  7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  8. All Of Me – John Legend

Thinking about the length of your aisle and how far you have to travel. How fast will you walk in your dress? Will you send bridesmaids, matron of honour etc before you? Pick a tune that will make a statement during the time you will take getting to the priest or celebrant.

Hiring a live musician like Simon Jordan means the performance will be tailored exactly to the time you take, and be beautifully timed so it finishes on exactly the right note!

Signing the Register

Simon can entertain the guests or provide a gentler musical background to encourage a long-awaited photo opportunity!

As the register is signed, your witnesses are called up and add their own details.

Then the photographer takes charge – and some photographers take a long time!

Pictures of the couple, the couple with their parents, the couple with their witnesses, the couple with best man etc – and then the all-important paparazzi shots, where the guests take their turn. Some of them have been waiting a long time!

The wedding guests have about ten minutes to wait – about half the length of the ceremony so far. So you will need to keep them entertained, or it will be difficult to get them seated again so the ceremony can be drawn to a close.

You can select some important tracks to keep them entertained (and seated, and quiet!).

Here I offer my brides no strict guidelines apart from “choose the songs you most want to listen to” – you will be seated, relaxed and smiling for most of this period with a chance to enjoy the music! It’s also the music that you will be sharing with your guests, as they will be doing the same thing.

The Recessional

As the wedding party and guests depart, Simon performs specially arranged celebratory music of their choosing.

After the entrance music, it’s the most important choice you’ll make for the ceremony: the track accompanying the departure of the married couple – and the guests.

This music sets the celebratory tone for the rest of the day, says all about you as a couple (not as two single people any more!) and has to be loud and active enough to be heard above the applause!

Here are some popular choices:

  1. One Day Like This – Elbow
  2. Spring from “The Four Seasons” – Vivaldi
  3. All You Need Is Love – Beatles
  4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder
  5. Sunshine Of My Life – Stevie Wonder
  6. Marry You – Bruno Mars
  7. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
  8. Wedding March
  9. Greatest Day – Take That
  10. Rule The World – Take That

Wedding Drinks Reception / Canapes

Simon plays background music that can encourage your guests to mingle while the bride and groom are elsewhere with the photographer. Spur-of-the-moment requests are very happily taken!

Wedding Breakfast

Music of any style and background to keep the conversation flowing and the party mood continuing as your guests sit down to eat together

Simon can provide a digital stage piano which can be relocated as the action moves from room to room of your venue