Performance Feedback Service

A fresh approach to receiving expert violin performance support online


High-quality, in-depth advice on your playing!

Performance Feedback Service options:

PIECE • a single piece or movement – £15.00
CONCERT • a programme of up to 20 minutes – £40.00

Comprehensive Feedback within 48 hours

Your detailed Feedback Sheet will be emailed to you within 48 hours, and will include:

★ A helpful and constructive overview of your playing and performance
★ Detailed suggestions to improve your playing
★ Performance tips and suggestions for interpretation
★ Pitch or rhythm corrections if needed
★ Practice ideas for tricky passages
★ Fingering suggestions
★ Recommendations for further musical study

The Performance Feedback Service is an accessible and user-friendly facility that goes beyond “normal” violin lessons. Receive detailed appraisal of your playing, based on repeated listening of your performance, presented in a long-lasting report that you can refer to again and again. 

No ongoing commitment or contract

No need to travel – save time and fuel

Work to your own schedule, not someone else’s

Record and send – no need to arrange times

Record in your own time and in comfort, without anxiety

The feedback is detailed and compiled for you – based on listening a number of times

No further payment is required for the technology 

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