Grade 5 Theory Course

NEW DATES ANNOUNCED May Half-Term and Summer 2024

Grade 5 Music theory course
“I just wanted to let you know Freddie got a distinction for his grade 5 theory. Thank you so much for all your help, we will definitely recommend your courses to anyone and will be back with our youngest in a year or so!” (October 2022)
“Thank you so much for running such an excellent course. I have been watching as Elsa has had many little light bulb moments, with things falling in to place for her.” (April 2023)
“I wanted to let you know that Abigail passed her Grade 5 Music theory exam first time. We are very proud of her and very pleased that we found your on line enjoyable and fun crash course to help her achieve this.” (January 2024)
“Thank you so much for the course – Imogen came away from it really positive.  She seems to have gained so much insight and confidence – which is just amazing as she was very worried going into the course.  I know she found your approach and teaching style really supportive and encouraging.” (April 2023)

Grade 5 theory course: the highly successful online Zero to Grade 5 Hero course gets you to Grade 5 theory in a week! This intensive but fun course runs for four days in the school holidays, taking students to a successful ABRSM Grade 5 theory pass. The course is 100% live and interactive. Once you have finished the course, all your practice papers are marked for free until the date you take the exam. 

And, best of all: you can take part in all future courses for free, for the one single payment you have made.

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Why Is Grade 5 Theory Important?

ABRSM Grade 5 theory lays the foundation for advanced music studies and is often a prerequisite for taking practical music exams at higher levels. The exam covers a range of essential music theory concepts such as notation, rhythm, scales, keys, chords, and cadences, which are fundamental to understanding and analysing music. It also teaches students to read and write music effectively, which is an essential skill for any musician. Additionally, Grade 5 theory is a requirement for those who want to pursue music as a career, as it is a standard prerequisite for many music college and university programmes. Therefore, achieving a good result in the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam can open up many opportunities for music students and help them on their journey to becoming accomplished musicians.


A Grade 5 theory pass allows you to move on to Grades 6, 7 and 8 in the ABRSM music syllabus.


Music theory is "how to write music down" and "how music works" - melody, rhythm, harmony, structure, form etc. An ideal pre-requisite for studying any instrument properly.

Listening skills

Passing Grade 5 theory can help you how to analyse a short piece. Analysing music helps you to grasp most major musical elements swiftly.

Sight reading

You will need to recognise intervals - which will prove essential in sight reading development, and note reading in general.

Grade 5 Theory Course: Dates for 2024

The course is running online, using Zoom, from 1000 until 1200 on the following dates:

MAY HALF TERM 2024: Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st May 2024

SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2024:  Monday 29th July – Thursday 1st August

Monday 12th – Thursday 15th August

Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd August

You can take part in all future courses for free, for the one single payment you have made.

Sessions are for two hours on each of the four days, with a ten-minute break midway. This is followed by a free marking service all the way up to your Grade 5 exam date.


The cost of the Music Theory Course is £170.00, and includes £60 worth of teaching books and materials, which will be mailed to you before the course begins:

  • Music Theory Foundations, by Jade Bultitude

  • Matt Smith – Grade 5 Theory Workbook

  • Matt Smith – Set of 10 Sample Grade 5 Papers

  • Eight ABRSM theory past papers 

Here is a day-by-day guide to the subjects we cover comprehensively as part of the syllabus:

  • Session 1 –  Rhythms: simple and compound time signatures, note grouping and beaming, translating one time signature to another, instruments of the orchestra

  • Session 2 – Notes and scales: Major scales, all four clefs, moving up and down an octave and changing clefs, harmonic and melodic minor scales, chromatic scales – plus how to draw a key circle and a piano keyboard quickly at the beginning of the exam

  • Session 3 – Intervals: starting with diatonic descriptions (major / minor / perfect), then moving on to diminished and augmented, transposition up and down a major second, minor third and perfect fifth

  • Session 4 – Chords and cadences: chord descriptions, perfect, imperfect and plagal cadences, and how to answer the 10-point “Music in Context” section

Marking support after the course

You won’t be left high and dry after the course! Marking support up to the date of the exam is included.

Course Tutor

The course is tutored by SIMON JORDAN, BBC Radio 3 Producer, award-winning performer and piano and violin tutor. For more information please contact Simon on 07403 232517.

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Grade 5 Music Theory Course
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Easter Holidays 2024: An intensive online course running for a week in the Christmas holidays taking students to a successful ABRSM Grade 5 theory pass. Free practice papers and marking are included after the course has finished.

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